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The OverStrap: Tech child theme for UnderStrap was built as a lightweight WordPress theme to act as a single page online business presence for a startup or SAAS.

If you are having problems with the theme please let us know through a support ticket or by live chat (at the bottom right of the screen). We will do our best to help and have vast experience with WordPress.

OverStrap: Tech Mockup


Before you start your installation make sure you have all the files you need, which you should find in your https://my.wpextend.com/ account.

Once purchased, you can browse into Services and then click the OverStrap: Tech service and then in the sidebar a link for "Downloads" will lead you to a page with the main ZIP file that contains everything you need.

Inside your downloaded ZIP file for the Tech theme you will find another ZIP file and an XML file for the dummy content.

Start by installing the OverStrap: Tech theme (theme ZIP file will be called something like: "understrap-tech-1-1") in the normal way and activating it, see this official guide: https://support.wordpress.com/themes/uploading-setting-up-custom-themes/

Secondly, all of our OverStrap themes use the Kirki framework to extend the Customizer system to make editing the theme easier. Go to your WordPress websites Plugins section and click Add New then search for "Kirki" and then install and activate the result: Kirki Customizer Framework

Dummy Content

If you wish to install the dummy demo content to see what the site looks like fully inflated (sometimes its easier to hack away and remove rather than add from scratch) please follow this section:

The demo content is available in the main ZIP file that you downloaded after purchasing the theme in your https://my.wpextend.com account. Its an XML file and can be loaded in using the traditional WP Import tool that is documented here: https://wordpress.org/support/article/importing-content/#wordpress

Running that Import process using the demo content we have supplied should turn your WordPress website into a clone of our demo, although this isn't always the case. If you find the home page doesn't look right then try manually setting up the final few steps in the next section.

Manual Set Up

Even if you import the demo dummy content be sure to check these steps to make sure they are correct:

Thats the most important parts done. Now to add content sections to the home page you use the Customizer system that is extended by the Kirki framework mentioned above.

Customizing Using The Customizer

If you installed the Kirki Customizer Framework plugin (which we massively recommend) then you can access new options for this theme in the /wp-admin/ Customize menu.

To access those options, in your /wp-admin/ backend go to Appearance->Customize. It should look something like this:

Explore the different sections and as you play around with the settings the preview on the right should change to reflect the site real time. Your site wont change until you click to save these settings though in case you want to experiment.

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